5 Secrets of Having Lobby Signs in Your Office

Interior Lobby Signage for Business

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A well-designed sign can do wonders for the overall impression your business leaves on customers and visitors. In the lobby or reception area, an office with a high-quality lobby sign is thought to provide better services or products and is perceived to be more professional. Office lobby signs have a greater impact on visitors, clients, and customers than you may think.

How to Use Lobby Signs Right?

There are several factors to consider when thinking about having lobby signs installed in an office. Some of these are:

  • Design of the office
  • Style of the company logo
  • Aesthetics of the company’s brand
  • Location of the signs

Hanging up a good lobby sign can change how your office is perceived. Here are five ways lobby signs in Davenport level up an office.

1. First Impressions Matter

When you’re running a business, you need to think about the kind of impression you want customers to have the first time they interact with you in any way. This includes visiting your location. A good first impression can make all the difference. A good office lobby sign can lead customers and clients to believe in your services, products, and quality right off the bat.

2. Building a Brand Image

Custom lobby signs are great for offices that want to create a specific environment with a decided style and theme. Design a custom lobby sign that is consistent with your branding colors and styles.

3. Add a Touch of Personality

Whether it’s professional, organized, or maybe a bit of whimsy, an office lobby sign can help set a tone that will help customers and clients feel more connected to a brand or business. Again, this tone should be consistent with your branding. 

4. A Source of Information

Many lobby signs take the opportunity to display information, such as the year the business was started, or even information that can help customers gain important details about the business. Custom lobby signs can help do that.

5. Greater Customer Satisfaction

The priority of any business should be to give customers a great experience. This includes the service itself and everything from the first impression to the ease of navigation throughout their time visiting any location. A good office lobby sign can help customers feel comfortable, even if that’s just by demonstrating that they’ve reached the right place.

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