5 Types of Monument Signs to Get Your Business Noticed

Monument Signs

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By design, monument signs for businesses are made to make an impact. These large, impressive signs that are often strategically placed close to the roadside will help your business stand out. You’ll be able to alert people to your business and help new customers find your location with ease.

If you’re considering these signs for your business, you will benefit by exploring your options. There are different types of signs available to help you match your business aesthetic and achieve just the right look you’re hoping for.

1. Stone Monument Signs

With stone monument signs, you’ll benefit from durable stone, marble, brick, or concrete signs. These materials – whether used alone or in combination – will withstand the weather in your community and give your business attention for the long term.

2. Metal Monument Signs

If you’re looking for a more refined, sleek look, choose metal monument signs. While still durable, these signs offer a more modern aesthetic compared to many types of stone monument signs. When choosing your materials, be sure to consider options that align with the look of your landscape and facility.

3. Monument Signs with a Digital Display

If you’re looking to add a custom message to your sign that you can change up as needed, consider the power of a digital display. This panel will be visible day and night, offering your business 24-7 marketing power with customized messaging when you need it.

4. Illuminated Monument Signs

Adding lights on your sign will also extend your marketing power. Illumination will help your sign remain visible all night long. Even if your business is not open late, you can continue to promote your business, so that individuals can return to do business with you. In poor weather conditions, lighted signs are also important to help people find your business.

5. Custom Monument Signs

For the most unique look, choose custom monument signs from a professional sign shop. This will ensure your business receives one-of-a-kind signage that’s unlike any other. You’ll help edge out the competition and stand out in busy areas with custom signage that’s suited for your business specifically.

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