Boost Your Brand Visibility With Custom Channel Letter Signs

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Channel letter signs are trendy right now for a good reason. Unlike traditional building signs, they feature individually shaped characters that stand as their own sign. Instead of an open board under the letters, there is just an open space that allows them to be evenly and easily hung across any surface without disturbing the appearance of a building. Plus, many channel letters are backlit, which allows them to stand out against the dark night easily. 

Individual Channel Letter Benefits

The appeal of channel letters is hard to beat, as individual letters can be replaced if a problem or lighting issue occurs. Just in case of a problem, you may only have to replace one letter instead of the entire sign — one more perk of going with custom letters over traditional block signage. After all, you never know when a storm will hit, so protect your investment in the simplest way possible. 

Channel letters can also provide your business with a unique look that has depth, potentially catching the attention of people passing by your store. 

Customize Your Channel Letters to Match Your Brand

Another advantage of opting for these letters is that you can customize them to match your brand. If you work with a designer on the letter signs for your business, you can have letters created that match the brand front your business already uses for branding purposes.

The font is not the only thing that can be matched with the right designer. Most businesses help boost the visibility of their brand by matching their brand colors and adding a motto or a graphic logo at the end of the business name. If your letters are going on the outside of your building, you may want to go with your business name in full. If you are placing channel letters above your reception desk, your logo in backlit lighting is a trendy way to boost visibility.

The important thing is creating a consistent brand that echoes through all of your marketing materials and commercial signage. 

Use Lighting to Stand Out 

As previously mentioned, the best way to boost your brand’s visibility is lighting, and channel letters can be easily lit with low-cost LED lighting. LED lighting is known for its low energy consumption and long lifespan, a win-win combination. It is essential that all outdoor letter signs for business purposes are permanently lit because you never know when your customers will drive or walk by.

Winters bring dark early evenings; lighting ensures that your letters are still marketing your business even if the sun has set. Backlit signs can even create a halo over the channel lights, which boosts their visibility and final effect. 

Channel letters are a great tool for boosting visibility. Contact Quad City Custom Signs to learn more about how you can utilize this tool.