Cabinet Signs

When you drive around the nearest commercial area or visit your local Davenport strip mall, you’ll likely see an array of businesses that are using a specific style of signage to promote their business. Successful promotion in the modern era requires signs to perform a variety of functions all at once. They need to be beautifully designed, visible from a long distance, and durable yet easy to maintain.

There are various sign types that your Davenport signage professional can provide to accommodate all these needs. Still, there is one that often stands out above the rest when it comes to effective promotion: Cabinets Signs. 

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Cabinet signs derive their name from the boxy shape they possess. They are typically large, rectangular, and mounted on the side of a storefront facade. Typically, these signs are made out of plastic and metal, with the synthetic material used to display the actual branding material, and a metal frame used to case it. Because the shape and design of these marketing tools accommodate the use of backlighting on exterior walls, they are also known as box or wall signs. 

Uses of Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are almost always used for promotional purposes. They provide a perfect contrast on business facades and can be designed to match any exterior building material. These signs are also great for businesses with nighttime hours as they stand out even better in the dark due to their internal lighting. 

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Types of Cabinet Signs

This signage category goes by lots of different names, so be sure that you are aware of all the titles before you begin investigating your promotional solution in Davenport: 

While they all refer to the same sign design, the type of environment they are implemented in is highly variable. For instance, some businesses use cabinet signs as a freestanding monument, while others incorporate them into large pylon signs to improve visibility. Depending on the type of usage you are going for, the cost of cabinet signs will vary. 

Cabinet Storefront Signs for Cash America in Davenport, IA

Cabinet Signs in Davenport

When it comes time to quote, plan, and implement your cabinet or custom box signs, you need to make sure that a seasoned service provider guides you along the way. These signs may seem straightforward, but there are many steps that go into creating the perfect sign. A professional sign maker will help you with these five key steps:

  1. Consultation
  2. Design
  3. Creation
  4. Installation
  5. Maintenance

Whether your business needs custom box signs or illuminated sign cabinets, Quad City Custom Signs has the requisite experience and tools to make your promotional dreams a reality. There aren’t many companies in Iowa that have as much expertise in such a wide range of signage. So, if you’re tired of searching “cabinet signs near me” in Google and are ready to move forward with new commercial cabinet signs, get in touch with Quad City Custom today. We’ll help you let all of Davenport know that you’re open for business!