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Since the 16th century, hanging signs have been used for advertising, persisting through countless iterations in signage innovations – and for good reason. Hanging signs work!

Hanging signage is cost-effective and helps your business get noticed. Installed perpendicular to the front of your building, such a sign hosts important details about your business, like your products or services. Quad City Custom Signs specializes in creating signage that boosts your marketing potential. We work with various colors, fonts, and sizes to deliver sign designs that assure stronger brand representation.

Quad City Custom Signs customizes hanging signs according to your requirements and needs. We offer wall mounts, ceiling brackets, sign frames, panels, and even lighting kits to meet your desired specifications, as well as your budget.

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Durable Projecting Signs and Brackets

Do you need signage that performs well and lasts long? Quad City Custom Signs’ projecting signs and brackets are what you’re searching for. They work like hanging signs, but they don’t swing. Projecting signs and brackets made by Quad City Custom Signs can also be customized to your requirements.

Your projection signs can incorporate ornate iron brackets and wood or metal panels for a more classic look. Or if you want something that’s more modern, you can opt for PVC foam board cut to your desired shape, using a minimalist bracket to attach to the wall. Whatever it is that you want, Quad City Custom Signs can take care of the design, customization, and installation for you!

Learning Hanging Signs for Business in Davenport, IA

Top Quality Hanging Blade Signs

Beautiful blade signs are ideal for all manner of businesses. Quad City Custom Signs can customize them to your brand. Strategically placed outside your establishment to attract customers, we max their full potential by using the right materials for your perfect hanging sign.

Quad City Custom Signs delivers signs that can whether the elements. Our panels feature high-quality materials, such as aluminum, cast polyurethane, solid timber, fiberglass, banners, and PVC.

Our customized sign panels also come with highly customizable posts and brackets. Quad City Custom Signs crafts brackets that complement your panels. You can choose wood, wrought iron, and stainless steel.

Cost Effective Indoor Hanging Signs

Indoor hanging signs can be as effective as their exterior counterparts. They also add to your branding efforts, while providing information that your customers need.

Whether you need indoor hanging signs for promotion or as wayfinding and directional signs, Quad City Custom Signs has the expertise to get the job done right. We work with a variety of materials, such as PVC, acrylic signs, and corrugated plastic. You can also opt for sign frames, illuminated sign boxes, and LED message boards.

Your Trusted Sign Company

Quad City Custom Signs has been in the sign making industry for a long time, and we know what works. Our experienced team of graphic artists has the skills that you need to drive your business forward.

Once we have drafted the design for you, our signage specialists go to work. With Quad City Custom Signs, you can look forward to the best hanging signs. Our installation of your hanging signs also follows the strictest standards for the best results.

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Hanging signs have persisted for this long, and justly so. They are highly effective marketing tools, especially if they are designed by trusted sign companies such as Quad City Custom Signs. We can’t wait to show you exactly what we’re talking about!

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Hanging signs are signs that hang from a ceiling, bracket, or structure. You can use them both indoors and out. An example of an outdoor hanging sign would be one that hangs down from a bracket that we install on the side of your building.

The benefits of hanging signs are that they are cost-effective and easy for people to see. You can use them outside your establishment to attract customers into your business, as well as inside to point out sales or provide directions. They are one of the best ways to catch the attention of people passing by your establishment to turn foot traffic into sales.

The first step is coming up with a design customized for your business. Then we figure out the materials you want to use. Next, our manufacturing team cuts the sign to the desired shape and size. Once we have the finished product, we find the perfect place to install it that will get the most attention from passersby.

Common materials used for a hanging sign include wood, plastic, metal, or etched glass, which we hang from a bracket made of durable metal. No matter the material used, you can rest assured that it is high-quality, and able to withstand harsh weather conditions and every day wear and tear. We want to make sure that your signs last for years to come.

While local zoning regulations have a say in signage signs, there is not really a standard beyond that. Once you hop on a consultation call with us, we’ll be able to discuss your branding needs and what sign shape, size, and design will work best for your buiness. We do all this while making sure to stick to the zoning regulations.

This depends on several factors, such as how intricate the design is, what materials are involved, the size of the sign, and how quickly you sign off on the project. These are details better discussed when you request a quote. Once you do, we’ll  be able to gather all the information we need before we provide you with an estimated project timeline.

Yes, depending on the goal of your sign, we can figure out ways to reduce the quantity of the products used. The best way to find out more about this is by speaking with us on our consultation call. We’ll be able to answer all of your questions and concerns over that call.

This is a question to discuss during a consultation, but we try our best to create custom signs exactly how our customers want them. Keep in mind, there may be some limitations because of local zoning restrictions, which are out of our control. That being said, don’t be afraid to ask us more about this during our consultation call!

The cost depends on the materials used and the labor involved. We try to stay competitive with our pricing; our goal is to give our clients the best service possible at a price they can afford. That being said, on our consultation call we’ll provide you with a quote once we get more information on the size, design, shape, and installation requirements needed for your project.

Signs in general are important for a business to be successful because they create awareness in the community. Hanging signs are a more traditional look but they still do the job. They area great way to catch people’s eye and invite them into a warm and welcoming space, where they can have a great experience.

John Bogensberger
John Bogensberger
Rob and his team do awesome work and can handle almost any project! Great customer communication!
Sarah Stineman
Sarah Stineman
Rob and his team did it again! So happy with my rebranding!!
Jenny Crimmins
Jenny Crimmins
Our business sign was damaged due to a storm. Quad City Custom Signs responded very quickly and had our sign fully restored the same day we called. I would highly recommend them for all your signage needs!
Cassandra Ellis
Cassandra Ellis
We have ordered 2 signs from them now, getting ready to order a 3rd. Their installer, Pat, is awesome. Prices are reasonable and quality is great!
Kelsey Pisel
Kelsey Pisel
Great to work with, fast proofs and production. We love our signs!
Kenzie Sims
Kenzie Sims
We recently had two wall designs installed at our office and we were so pleased with the service we received from start to finish. Everything was done in a timely manner and the finished product exceeded our expectations! Thank you!
Jacob Kemelhar
Jacob Kemelhar
They did some great work for us over at Mercer County High School! Excellent, quick communication. 10/10 would recommend!
Laura Engels
Laura Engels
I have been working with Rob et al on a larger project where we needed several logo signs, backdrops, and directional signs and signicades made. He and his team have been professional, reliable, and extremely fast in our responses. I highly recommend Rob and his team!
Dr. Marisa Baumann
Dr. Marisa Baumann
We had a wonderful experience with QC Custom Signs. Rob helped us create the exact ambiance and vision that we were looking for through our sign. He took extra time to research lighting options and put something together that was custom tailored to our wants. We love the end result! Thanks so much! HIGHLY recommend.

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