How to Choose a Storefront Sign for a Small Business

Storefront Vinyl Banner Made in Davenport

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Storefront signs are one of the top ways to alert potential customers to your company. These signs are often the first thing people see when coming up to your business, and they should accurately depict your brand.

For most businesses, storefront signs’ purpose is to draw customers’ attention. Because of this, these signs will usually be included in the marketing budget. Creating signage and location that has a high return on investment is crucial for small businesses. 

Determine the Type of Sign You Need

Many business owners don’t realize that storefront signs come in many forms. Lighted storefront signs that feature the company name are one of the most common types. Window signs and graphics are also popular storefront signs.

One consideration when determining what type of storefront signs you need is what’s allowed at your location. Local codes and some shopping centers have guidelines you must follow for these signs.  A professional sign company can help you work within the requirements to maximize your sign’s potential. .

Factor in Your Business Branding

The storefront signs reflect your business, so they must provide a cohesive look with your current branding. Keeping the same colors your company is known for can help customers to recognize the brand.

Custom storefront signs are meant to stand out.Limiting text and maintaining high color contrast will increase the legibility of your signage. .  Too many colors that are not consistent with your branding, may confuse customers and reduce the impact signage. 

Choose the Marketing Message

The marketing message on storefront signs should be concise. This isn’t really a place for a long or drawn-out message. Customers need to be able to glance at the sign and understand the business. This is especially important in busy shopping centers where customers may only glance at a window while they’re walking around.

Once you know the message, you can choose the font that makes it stand out and is easy to read. Choose a color that shows up well against the background. The font size should be proportional to the sign so it’s not overwhelming, yet large enough to be easily read from the customers intended location (walkway or road for example).

Consider the Size

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to storefront signs. Learn about what size limitations you have from your landlord, shopping center, or municipality. If you’re using window signs, knowing the size of the usable space before you start to think about designing a storefront sign helps the process to move a bit smoother.

Create Custom Storefront Signs

The Quad City Custom Signs team in Davenport is ready to help area businesses achieve their goals of standing out above their competitors with vibrant, attractive signs. Contact us today to discuss your project.