How to Use Digital Lobby Signage to Benefit Your Business

Lobby Signs

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There are many types of lobby signs that will create a wow factor when guests enter your business. This includes signage made from metal, acrylic, and wood, which can all be crafted to display your company name, logo, and more details.

While these signs are highly effective at creating positive first impressions, you may wish to consider supplementing your signage with a digital display. Digital lobby signage will add vibrancy to your lobby and allow you to change up the display on demand. No matter the information you need to share, your sign will act as a reliable communication tool that guests will be sure to notice.

Welcome Guests With Custom Messaging

When guests enter your facility, greet them with custom messaging that can be updated as needed. Whether it’s a seasonal greeting, messaging for a holiday, or other text, you will have the ability to make this message your own. Your guests will be sure to notice this custom touch through your digital lobby signage, demonstrating how much you care about making their on-site experience a great one.

Display Your Current Offers and Promotions

If your business has frequent events throughout the year, you will benefit from signage that offers flexibility in changing up the messaging. That’s why digital signs are a great option, allowing you to modify the display content to reflect exactly what your business needs.

Offer Critical Information That Guests Need

If there are critical details that guests need to know when they enter your facility, nothing beats the attention-grabbing power of a digital display. Perhaps your messaging includes safety information, wayfinding details, parking instructions, or other crucial text. No matter the information, you can rely on your digital lobby signs to deliver.

Showcase What Makes Your Business Unique

If guests find themselves spending a few moments in your lobby, you can help make the most of their wait time with digital office lobby signs. You can update guests with company news, accomplishments, and event highlights to display what makes your business great. You’ll impress guests with your accolades and be able to tell your brand story.

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