Key Benefits of Indoor Signage for Your Business

Custom Interior Signs for Business

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Outdoor signs and billboards are the first things people think of when talking about business signs. However, the inside of your business is equally as important for creating the right atmosphere for your customers and employees. The benefits of creating an experience for your customers can ensure they can return after their first visit. The outdoor signs get your customers in the door, but the indoor signs keep them there. Here are 5 key benefits of indoor signage for your business.

1. Promote Products and Services

When a customer or client visits your business, they may not be aware of any promotions or sales you currently have. Clear signage allows that quick communication. While a customer may have come to you for one product or service, they may not be aware that you offer another one they need. Using indoor signage in order to communicate this information, you can increase the value of each sale.

2. Reinforce Your Brand

Signs convey the character and personality of your brand. When a customer feels they know the personality of your business, they are more likely to identify with your brand and become loyal to it.

While your outdoor signs and online marketing efforts have brought a customer into your business, it is your indoor signs that tell customers what your business is all about.

3. A Social Media Moment

Clear branding inside your business creates the opportunity for your brand to be displayed on the social media feeds of your customers. A clear focal point or branded area is more likely to attract attention when your customers snap a picture. When these custom interior signs are on brand, it acts as a referral from your customers to their friends and followers.

4. ADA Compliance

The federal government has many regulations surrounding signage to ensure safety and accessibility for customers and visitors to your business. ADA is not an inconvenience but helps a business improve navigation and support your business’ branding. Working with an experienced company ensures your business follows the complex regulations from the ADA and turns these practical signs into opportunities.

5. Customer Navigation

A customer coming to your business for the first time, or after an absence, cannot be expected to understand the flow of your interior space. Interior signs help them navigate your space and create an improved customer experience. Creating these can be more complex than you’d think. A firm understanding of the overall flow of the space, location of areas, and where customers are likely to want to go are necessary when designing the signs to accompany your customer’s experience. Exits, restrooms, cash registers, and staircases or elevators are important to every customer journey. A lobby sign can direct a customer, or ensure they know they are in the right place.

Davenport Signs for Any Business

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