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Magnetic Sign Davenport

One of the most problematic aspects of investing in promotional signage is that they are often not very mobile. These static marketing tools are great at getting your promotional messaging across to consumers, provided they are in the immediate Davenport area. But to really expand a customer base, marketing material needs to spread into new locations and consumer markets to have a major impact.

Custom vehicle and fleet wraps are a promising solution to this issue, allowing businesses to turn their vehicles into mobile billboards. But unfortunately, these promotional tools are not without problems of their own. Davenport business owners and employees have to be very vigilant when caring for vehicle graphics and they are also limited to use on the vehicle to which they are initially applied.

To give Davenport business owners more freedom to place their promotional vehicle material, expert sign companies now offer a series of magnetic car signs.

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What is a Magnetic Sign?

Custom magnetic signs are a promotional solution that incorporates vinyl graphics onto large, flat magnets for application on straight metal surfaces. This allows the intricate, aesthetically pleasing design of a vinyl graphic to be applied and reapplied across various environments without having to deal with the annoyance of expensive installation and servicing.

One of the most popular places for these signs to be placed is on the side door of a vehicle, truck, or van. This way, it is still visible to pedestrians and other drivers on the road and will captivate them through its unexpected presence.

If a vehicle needs to be taken in for repairs, the promotional sign can easily be peeled off the door and placed on another, thereby allowing Davenport business owners to capitalize on mobile advertising opportunities. 

Commercial Vehicle Wraps for Harvey Lawncare Services in Davenport, Iowa

Types of Magnetic Signs

The uses of magnetic signs will depend on the specific type that has been created. Here are some of the most popular styles of magnetic sign used by businesses today: 

Also known as vehicle magnets, these versatile promotional solutions allow Davenport businesses to turn their fleet vehicles and even personal automobiles into a collection of mobile billboards. As long as you have business vehicles with metal doors, hoods, or trucks, you can make the most out of these signs! 

Magnetic Vehicle Signs in Davenport

You can only search “magnetic car signs near me” or “magnetic signs near me” so many times before you get overwhelmed by companies claiming to be experts in the field. At Quad City Custom Signs, we have been helping customers design, create, and install the perfect car advertising magnets for years.

Reach out to Quad City Custom Signs today, and you can learn more about the five steps of our signage solution process: consultation, design, creation, installation, and maintenance/ repair. You’ll also be able to get a quote to see what the cost of magnetic signs is and if magnetic signs in Davenport fit in with the rest of your marketing strategy!