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Monument Signs

Monument signs can be found anywhere that businesses need to make an impact. Have you taken a look at the entrance of corporate facilities, schools, or churches? You might notice impressive exterior signage that displays information about their place of business.

Monument signs are free-standing signs usually made of stone, marble, brick, concrete or metal. There are many ways you can use monument signs to help your business. Some establishments use it to display their company name and logo. Meanwhile, other businesses use it to offer directional information to maximize their visibility.

Monument signs should always complement the surrounding landscape and/or signs that are already on your premises. In this way, you can provide a cohesive experience for your potential customers. If you want to rise above your competition, one of the best things you can do is get high-quality monument signs that make an impact in a way that no other signage can.

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Monument Signs Create Impressive Entryways

All manner of businesses can take advantage of the many opportunities a monument sign can give. These signs are impressive, unique, eye-catching, and memorable. They leave a lasting impact on sees them. Monument signs offer a level of permanence and longevity unrivaled by other signage. Each monument sign we make can withstand any weather because we only use high-quality materials. 

Amazing Monument Signs offered by Quad City Custom Signs

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Business parks, shopping centers, and other buildings housing multiple tenants usually take advantage of monument signs. We provide multi-tenant signs that can feature multiple business names displaying how your business center offers many different products and services to entice more customers. There also some business that utilize this kind of signage as a way of creating impressive salutations for their guests and visitors.

Are you really interested in creating a high-quality sign that has impact? Consider getting a monument sign for your business. 

Monument Signs for Every Budget

You have specific needs and definitions on how your monument sign should look, and we are a sign provider company that will help you achieve the look you want, while respecting your budget. We can offer you different types of materials to give you the confidence in creating the best monument sign for your business and your budget.

Are you looking for monument signs that creates foot traffic and lasting impressions? Or do you want a simple monument sign that displays information to help your customers and keep them informed? We have the materials, knowledge, and experience to help with all your business goals and needs. 

Get a Free Monument Sign Consultation

Quad City Custom Signs is a local sign service provider that can help customize the right monument sign for your business. We offer professional and quality service to help you with all your visual marketing needs.

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Investment required for monument signs and pillar signs are higher due to fabrication and installation costs. The costs can vary but are dependent on design and unique installation requirements. We are happy to help get estimates on preliminary designs.

The process to design and fabricate a monument sign can be completed in 8-12wks.  This process includes consult, design, permit, fabrication and installation phases.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam with a proprietary hard shell exterior to create a monument sign that is extremely durable, weather and pest resistant. These can be used to create faux stone, brick or wood textures.  These can also be used to create one-of-a-kind dimensional custom shapes to highlight a business location. 

If you are on a strict budget with a vision, then foam monument signs made of EPS should be your choice. Foam monument signs are durable, lightweight and can be used with other features to create a stunning sign.

If you are looking for a sleek and modern industrial design, then aluminum monument signs are what you are looking for. Aluminum monument signs are rust-resistant and require minimal maintenance.


Monument signs are free-standing signs usually made of stone,  brick, concrete, or aluminum. Often, designs will incorporate other materials including illuminated features to align with customer requirements.  You may have seen these signs placed close to the roadside or at the entrance of a business in a way that complements the landscape. The signs are impressive and eye-catching, helping to draw in prospects, landmark a business, and offer important information that guests need.

You can request a quote from us on your signage project. We look forward to learning more about your business and what you have in mind for your monument sign. Through our consultation services, we’ll work with you to make your signage visions a reality, ensuring you receive a quality monument sign that achieves your intended results.

Monument signs are better seen from a short distance, whereas pylon signs are mounted on a pole that is raised several feet higher than monument signs, making them more visible from a further distance. If you’re not sure which sign type your business needs, we’re happy to discuss your options and offer our professional recommendations.

Duration of signage is heavily dependent on chosen materials, location and weather.  We would expect your monument sign to last more than 10 years in most applications.  Connect with us at Quad City Custom Signs to discuss the details of your upcoming signage project. In addition to offering a free quote, we will also provide more information about the expected lifespan for your signage specifically. You can also reach out to us for support with maintenance and repair to keep your signs in great shape.

There are several steps that go into bringing your monument sign to life. This includes consultation services, design, creation, and installation. Contact us to discuss your project timelines. You can rely on the well-trained team of signage professionals at Quad City Custom Signs to make your signage ideas a reality and offer support in all stages of the sign-making process.

Monument signs are impressive and eye-catching, helping to draw in prospects, landmark a business, and offer important information that guests need. As a unique sign type, they are memorable and will leave a lasting impact when people see them. Thanks to their professional construction and high-quality materials, they will also withstand the weather, giving them a level of permanence and longevity that will benefit your business for the long term.

Material choice dependent on several factors including budget, design and location. At Quad City Custom Signs, we believe in using high-quality materials so that your signs not only look great, but are made to withstand the weather. This is what will give your signs a level of permanence and longevity.

Our team has the materials, knowledge, and experience to help you meet your business goals and needs with monument signs. We offer different types of materials, including stone,  brick, concrete, or metal, along with different sizes and shapes for your signage structure. Reach out to discuss your project today.

Monument signs can help a business in many ways. They can provide a welcome for guests and visitors, and also act as a landmark that helps people find your business if they’re arriving there for the first time. The impressive stature of monument signs can also help catch the eye of prospects and bring in new business, while also complementing your landscape.