Custom Neon Signs

What is an LED Neon Sign?

Neon light signs have been used by entrepreneurs since the 1920s as storefront signs. Traditionally they were made with glass tubes filled with the gas that’s their namesake, but modern sign makers can achieve the same effect for a fraction of the price with a clever combination of LEDs and acrylic. Custom neon signs are always in high demand because of their beauty and durability.

In fact, many business owners invest in LED neon wall signs to improve their ambiance and gain more interest. Social media is the reason behind the neon signs online trend. Nowadays, people love to go to places that have ‘Instagram-worthy spots. Taking photos of LED neon wall signs is considered cool and artsy, especially with the younger generation. This is why restaurants, cafes, and even nail salons invest in them to gain more exposure and recommendations on digital platforms. 

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Uses for Neon Signs for Your Davenport Business

Your Reliable Neon Sign Company in Davenport

Quad City Custom Signs is not your average LED neon signs maker in Davenport. We take the time to understand your specific marketing goals, business needs, and target market preferences. This way, we can propose designs that don’t just look good but also generate profitable results. 

All our custom made neon signs are carefully fabricated and installed to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We only use premium-grade materials and modern tools to achieve the level of quality that you expect from us.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of neon signs? Reach out to us today to get a free quote.