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Maximum visibility is a cornerstone of good marketing, and your business can’t go wrong with a high-quality pylon sign positioned right outside your establishment. A study conducted by the University of Cincinnati found that pylon signs can promote greater visibility and boost sales by as much as 15%.

At Quad City Custom Signs, we help our clients achieve their business goals, and as far as visibility is concerned, we craft top-of-the-line pylon signs that represent your business in the best possible light. We know pylon signs have to look more than just good. They should also be designed properly, as they serve as directional signs for your target market to find your store. Additionally, they can be used as tenant signs, which list all the nearby businesses located within a certain shopping establishment or business neighborhood.

Quad City Custom Signs makes perfect pole signs that are worthy of the investment: succinctly encompassing your brand identity, communicating your value to passersby and converting them to paying customers.

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Top Quality Illuminated Sign Boxes

Quad City Custom Signs is here to help you drive your brand visibility to greater heights. We deliver 24/7 exposure for your business with our top-quality illuminated road sign boxes. We also design steel cabinets according to your desired shape and size. Similarly, you can opt for interchangeable sign faces or permanent channel letters, if you want something that lasts longer.

Illuminated pylon signs can be customized to your exact specifications, and Quad City Custom Signs can design one that checks all the boxes.

If you want even more visibility, particularly at night, multi-layered signs with LED lighting are also available. We’re confident in our team and their ability to create your dream sign.

Custom Pylon Signs for Outdoor in Davenport, IA

Economical Tenant Signs

If you don’t need a pylon sign that lights up at night, you can save some on your budget with a non-illuminated pylon sign. This signage grants your business the marketing boost that it needs, but it is not as expensive as other signs.

Quad City Custom Signs designs non-illuminated road signs with steel frames and aluminum sides, complete with a custom-designed face mounted on steel poles, for maximum durability.

Quad City Custom Signs crafts digital prints done up in full colors and matched to your brand requirements. With the quality pylon signs that we deliver here at Quad City Custom Signs, it is only a matter of time before your sign becomes the new neighborhood landmark.

Durable Outdoor Signage

A pylon sign’s durability is one of its strongest attributes – and for good reason! This sign is exposed to the outdoor elements day in and day out. At Quad City Custom Signs, we know this, so we make sure that we design a pylon sign that last for a long time, through all types of weather.

There are various options for materials for sign cabinets, including steel, aluminum extrusions and tubing, and more. For sign faces, you can choose among vinyl, channel letters, acrylic signs, and others.

If you need water-resistant digital pole and pylon signs, we have what you need. With these signs, your brand is easily visible to your potential customers, regardless of the time and day.

Your Trusted Sign Company

Quad City Custom Signs has been making signs for a lot of years, and our extensive experience is the pride of our company.

Our team of signage experts is the backbone of Quad City Custom Signs, and our people are ready to assist you throughout the entire sign-making process. We also provide support for navigating compliance and legal signage requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about rebranding or changing sign faces, don’t hesitate to call us.

Get Your Free Pylon Signs Consultation

No matter what niche you serve, Quad City Custom Signs is your trusted pylon sign designer and installer. We have worked with businesses of all types, such as malls, gas stations, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and more. We can’t wait to add your sign to our portfolio!

Keen to see how pylon signs can transform your business? Get in touch with us and talk to one of our sign specialists.

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These are tall, free-standing exterior signs that are often mounted on one or two poles. Pylon signs will help your brand be seen from farther away.

For an ADA sign to be compliant it should have, no glare, high contrast between characters and background, high legibility, appropriate size and font of text and appropriate location of signs.

Prices of pylon signs vary depending on the needs of a business. Height, design, size, color, and illumination will be taken into consideration before finalizing the cost. Our team will make sure that everything is within your budget. Contact us for a free quote.

The height of this sign depends on what your business needs. Speak with one of our specialists at 888-498-4352 and let us help you craft something that represents your business better.

Monument signs are better seen from a short distance, whereas pylon signs are mounted on a pole that is raised feet higher than monument signs, making them more visible from a distance.

Digital pylons are automated messages displayed on LED canvas being used as the sign face. It is a creative advertisement that is easy to program and is weatherproof. Contact us to learn more about digital pylons.

There are several materials you could choose from for the sign cabinet like steel, aluminum tubing, and more. For the sign face, vinyl, channel letters, acrylic, and others. Speak with one of our specialists at 888-498-4352 to learn what are the best materials for your business.

This tall exterior sign helps create a greater presence for your business. Having it rise feet above the ground, target clients can easily see and locate where your business is. It is also good marketing to promote the kind of products or services you offer.

As far as presence is concerned, they help in communicating your brand to passersby, changing them to paying customers. Your business can be seen even kilometers away. Call Quad City Custom Signs today at 888-498-4352 to get your free consultation with a pylon sign expert.

Quad City Custom Signs helps businesses build their brand by providing top-quality sign boxes complete with customized sign faces. Our team will gladly assist you in all your business needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

John Bogensberger
John Bogensberger
Rob and his team do awesome work and can handle almost any project! Great customer communication!
Sarah Stineman
Sarah Stineman
Rob and his team did it again! So happy with my rebranding!!
Jenny Crimmins
Jenny Crimmins
Our business sign was damaged due to a storm. Quad City Custom Signs responded very quickly and had our sign fully restored the same day we called. I would highly recommend them for all your signage needs!
Cassandra Ellis
Cassandra Ellis
We have ordered 2 signs from them now, getting ready to order a 3rd. Their installer, Pat, is awesome. Prices are reasonable and quality is great!
Kelsey Pisel
Kelsey Pisel
Great to work with, fast proofs and production. We love our signs!
Kenzie Sims
Kenzie Sims
We recently had two wall designs installed at our office and we were so pleased with the service we received from start to finish. Everything was done in a timely manner and the finished product exceeded our expectations! Thank you!
Jacob Kemelhar
Jacob Kemelhar
They did some great work for us over at Mercer County High School! Excellent, quick communication. 10/10 would recommend!
Laura Engels
Laura Engels
I have been working with Rob et al on a larger project where we needed several logo signs, backdrops, and directional signs and signicades made. He and his team have been professional, reliable, and extremely fast in our responses. I highly recommend Rob and his team!
Dr. Marisa Baumann
Dr. Marisa Baumann
We had a wonderful experience with QC Custom Signs. Rob helped us create the exact ambiance and vision that we were looking for through our sign. He took extra time to research lighting options and put something together that was custom tailored to our wants. We love the end result! Thanks so much! HIGHLY recommend.

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