Stand Out as a Unique Brand with Van Wraps

Custom Vehicle Wraps

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Advertising and marketing are hot topics. Most experts will tell you that making a great first impression is vital – however, the REAL secret is to make a great lasting impression! One of the best ways to do that is with your vehicle! An automobile isn’t just a way to get from A to B – it can be a great marketing tool. Whether you’re just starting out or an established company, you can advertise and market your business with vehicle graphics.

The Key Benefits of Van Wraps

Creating Brand Awareness

By strengthening your brand identity, you can create unique marketing opportunities. Custom van wraps can boost name recognition up to 15 times more than any other form of advertising. Pedestrians and motorists won’t notice a plain white van – but they WILL see a colored, attractive, professionally designed logo.

Advertising on vehicle wraps makes a lasting impression. Your product/service advertising is most likely to be seen by people who live and work in your area.


With today’s quality materials, any graphics or artwork can be removed and replaced from your vehicle wrap.

Protects your van

Don’t forget about this! In addition to the many advertising and marketing benefits of vehicle graphics, vinyl wrapping will also protect your car from stones chips and minor abrasions. The vehicle will look almost new once the wrapping is removed, even after the years the designs have been on! Your custom van wrap designs not only help you stand out but also protect the vehicle – who knew?!

How to Stand Out as a Unique Brand with Van Wraps:

The First Thing: Design a Template

It’s crucial to have a good template for the vehicles. Set your template up in layers. There should be one layer that includes bumpers and windows, even though they might not be covered. Make separate layers for each view you want to be printed – passenger side, driver side, front, back, and top.

Secondly, Get Inspiration for Your Designs

Choose the right vehicle branding for your company. Start with your company’s brand image or logo. Next, decide what advertising copy you want to use. Use only high-resolution images if you plan to use photographs or pixel-based artwork.

Next: Plan the Layout for the Custom Van Wrap

Take into account how your branded vehicle will be seen – usually in motion. Use bold colors and one central point of focus – this will make your design eye-catching and easy to remember. Also, don’t overload it with text.

But: Recognize Your Limitations

The government says certain parts, or aspects, of different types of vehicles can’t display logos, etc. Before you start making your van’s wrap design, make sure you know which of these apply. Cars cannot have the front windscreen, driver’s window, or front passenger’s window covered.


Whether you are using decals or full vinyl wraps, your vehicle can be used for a wide range of advertising purposes. A car, van, trailer, motorcycle, boat, horsebox, caravan, taxi, or bus can be equipped with graphics!

A large variety of different colors and finishes are available, such as matt, metallic, reflective, and even customized to display photos, complex artwork, or logos. Before you go on to Google “van wrapping near me,” let’s get in touch and help us help your van stand out in Davenport with custom vehicle graphics.