Stay Ahead in Business: Fleet Graphics Promote Your Product 24/7

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Fleet wraps have the power to increase your brand impressions exponentially. Depending on where you travel, even one wrapped vehicle can garner thousands of impressions a day. If your business is using unmarked vehicles, you are missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity.

There are several benefits to converting your company’s fleet into mobile billboards. Below is an overview from Quad City Custom Signs, a fleet graphics company in Davenport.

Visually Appealing

Compared to plain vehicles on the road, fleet graphics stand out. Motorists will be sure to notice the colors and designs of your wrap among all the other unmarked vehicles.


Compared to ads that require renewal to stay active, fleet wraps tally up at a fraction of the cost. You pay once to wrap your vehicle and can receive unlimited impressions on the road.


No matter where your company fleet travels, your vehicles will convey a strong message. If your vehicles move into new territory, you can connect with even more prospects outside of your usual neighborhood.


The durable vinyl of custom fleet graphics will protect your car’s paint. That way, if you decide to sell or trade your vehicles one day, you can reveal the original paint underneath that is free from scuffs.


Intrusive ads that interrupt your TV, music, and gaming activities often are not welcome. But a smartly wrapped vehicle is a non-aggressive form of advertising that does not interrupt a prospect’s day.

Completely Custom

The best part of wraps is that they are entirely custom. Custom fleet graphics take into account your specific vehicle, brand message, and advertising goals. They will feature branding that is specific to your business and includes colors, fonts, and images that reflect your brand.

To get this completely custom look, it is essential to work with a fleet graphics company like Quad City Custom Signs. We help businesses in the Davenport area to create effective signage strategies. This includes interior and exterior signs, as well as wraps for vehicles.

We create high-impact sign options that will turn heads at your location — and on the road. Our team works with a high level of precision and quality to create signs and wraps for your vehicles that are expertly designed and professionally installed.

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