Tips to Find the Right Designer for Your Interior Signs

Custom Interior Business Signs

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If your building sign is getting old, or your business moved, and you need one of many new interior business signs to show off your business, you want to make sure you hire the right interior signage company. A small business owner doesn’t have much time to waste on a vendor who can’t meet their needs or isn’t responsive. This is why you need to choose an interior signage company that’s reputable and capable. Consider these things when picking a sign company:


What kind of interior office sign business do they have?

Every industry has its professional associations. Whether it’s local or national, membership is a good indicator that a sign company is not only reputable but active in the industry and dedicated to growing. A good interior office sign company will have trusting clients, so be on the lookout for these kinds of companies.


Please make sure you look at their past work and the kinds of companies they work with when researching out to sign companies. Who are their customers? Do you know who they are? You can tell a lot about a company’s reputation from the types of clients it has worked with. Search some of the custom interior sign examples of their work on the website. For customer reviews and pictures of past work, check out Google, Nextdoor, and Facebook.

Skills (Including Design Services)

You can eliminate the need to work with multiple sign companies if you work with a one-stop company. This saves everyone time. Find out what a sign company can do and what their offerings are by doing some online research. Look at their past work or give them a call about your project and see how they’ve handled it. Sign installation and removal (size and weight limits), electrical work, digital printing, routing, and painting are just a few capabilities to consider.

It’s a good idea to inquire about graphic design as well. Often, they will need to edit the file to suit the sign manufacturing process when your logo is not in the correct format or quality. Your sign will be more professional, and your logo can be used for other marketing purposes. If you find a one-stop sign company, you will save time and money (make sure that they send you the final logo files.) Only the best designers will be able to get you the perfect custom interior sign.

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