Van Wraps: How to Create an Effective Wrap to Promote Your Business

Commercial Van Wrap Advertising

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Vehicle wraps that are eye-catching will showcase your brand to prospects no matter where you travel. But not every design or message will resonate with motorists on the road. Van wrap designs require careful consideration to be effective.

Motorists and passersby will only have a few seconds to take in your design. With this in mind, below are some tips to follow when it comes to creating effective wraps that promote your business.

Choose Concise Messaging

If you want people to remember your brand, it’s best to keep content simple. It can be tempting to include lots of information on vehicle wraps. On the road, however, there may be only a short timeframe for people to read those details.

Consider keeping your messaging clear, short and concise. This will allow prospects to grasp your information with a quick glance and recall it later when they are safely off the road.

Include a Call to Action

You can compel potential customers to act by including a clear call to action on your van wraps. Consider offering a way for prospects to connect with you after their journey. This could mean including a phone number, website, or social media handle as part of your van wrap designs. When you offer a way to reach out, you save users the step of having to search for your brand on their own.

Make a Statement

Attention-grabbing designs will stand out among all the plain vehicles on the road. Custom van wraps can be created in any design and any color. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating custom designs that reflect your brand. You can draw attention with large fonts and vibrant colors that match your company’s style.

Fit Designs to Your Vehicle

One of the benefits of custom van wraps is the ability to design around the shape of your vehicle. When you work with signage specialists, you can get expert assistance in creating a wrap that fits your vehicle. They can help you choose a design that ties into the contours of your car or truck for a streamlined look.

Looking for Van Wrapping “Near Me”?

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