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Vehicle Wraps in Davenport

Hit the road with vehicle wraps that make your marketing mobile. No matter where you travel or park, your company’s cars and trucks will command attention. Best of all, the wraps are completely custom and designed for your fleet vehicles specifically.

Quad City Custom Signs is a trusted sign and graphic solutions provider in Davenport. We offer professional grade wraps and graphics for all types of vehicles. When you choose to work with us, you can rest easy knowing that we take care of the entire process from the initial consultation through to design, creation, and installation. Our approach is entirely collaborative — we value input from our partners in business. After all, no one knows your business like you do.

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Types of Vinyl Wraps for Vehicles

Reach more customers in your community and beyond by creating mobile billboards. Bright, bold lettering and simple, memorable messaging are hard to miss. Instead of sitting in traffic, customers could be connecting with your custom-wrapped cars, trucks, and fleet.

Truck Wraps

Promote your business on trucks and cabs of all sizes. Truck wraps are ideal for all types of businesses including independent contractors and large companies.

Car Wraps

Choose from full or partial auto wraps for your company cars. We work with you to create eye-catching designs and swift messaging that’s memorable for motorists.

Vehicle Lettering and Graphics

You don’t have to wrap an entire vehicle to make an impression. Use simple lettering and vehicle graphics to communicate your brand’s message on the road.

Fleet Wraps

Turn heads with a full fleet of vehicles that promote your business. Your fleet will become a series of moving billboards within your business’ territory and beyond.

Benefits of Car and Truck Wraps

Take advantage of the many benefits of car and truck wraps:

The best part of transforming your car, truck, or trailer is custom vehicle wraps. Vehicles vary from company to company — and so does branding. That’s why the graphics and lettering we create for businesses are completely custom. We’ll ensure that your brand’s unique messaging and graphics are accurately captured and fit your vehicle precisely

Why Work with Quad City Custom Signs in Davenport?

There are many car wrap companies in Davenport but Quad City Custom Signs is a preferred choice. Our approach is honest, clear and completely collaborative. We are able to deliver high-quality sign and graphics solutions because of our direct communication with customers. Our team is made up of experienced project management professionals with technical experience. That’s why we’re able to provide professional-grade products and solutions.

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A full wrap is around for a standard vehicle is $3000+ depending on the material, unique labor required and design. A fleet van, truck or larger vehicle can be higher for a full wrap. Many times, a partial wrap would be an appropriate solution for an impactful design that is also able to meet budgets.   

Wraps can last up to 5 years. It can even last longer provided it is maintained properly and is not exposed to direct sun and heat for a prolonged period.

Wrapped vehicles should be washed once every two weeks. It should be washed using a mixture of cold water and mild car wash detergent (non-abrasive). Vehicles should be hand washed with soft sponge/non-abrasive cloth. Avoid cleaning the vehicle with automatic car washes.

Do not wash the vehicle using hot water and/or petroleum or acid-based cleaning agents.

Cast vinyl is the industry premium and is highly durable. They are the best to use for complicated details and adjust to the contours of the vehicle easily. Cast vinyl retains color well and is easy to remove.

Vinyl cast wraps are placed over the original paint of the vehicle and can be easily removed without having to worry about hurting your original vehicle.

With the right equipment and experience, it is easy to remove a vehicle wrap. When you need your wrap removed, be sure to give us a call so we can ensure it comes off without any issues.