Why You Need a Monument Sign for Business Success

Monument Signs

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In Iowa, the winds can be intense, which is only one reason monument signs are a great option if you want an effective way to market your business that will last for a significant period of time. Dozens of advantages come with custom monument signs. Take a look and see if monument signs will be an effective way to boost the profile of your commercial business. 

What is a Monument Sign?

Everyone has a different definition of what a monument is. Some people think of Mount Rushmore while others perhaps think of a soldier monument in a public park. Therefore, before ruling out metal monument signs, take a second to learn how they may apply to your business. 

Monument signs are a type of signage that’s affixed to the ground and stands upwards. Unlike other business signs, they aren’t created to hang up and are meant to hover just above the ground. This helps extend their lifespan and makes them easy to notice in areas with a great deal of foot traffic. 

Top Benefits of Monument Signs for Business:

This sturdy type of signage provides businesses with a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Zoning-Friendliness – Unlike some signs that are large and require zoning permission, most communities and municipalities will allow custom monument signs without too much process. You should always check before purchasing a monument sign (or go with a sign business that will do the legwork for you before installation). If you live in a community with stringent sign regulations, this may be a great option. 
  • Business Visibility – Brick-and-mortar businesses rely on pedestrian and drive-by traffic, so you need to install a sign to increase your visibility. Monument signs can do that effectively because they can be seen easily from a distance. They stand out along the flat horizon of the plains. 
  • Long-term Marketing – Custom monument signs are easy ways to boost your brand image, create instant brand recognition, and create a new theme that will permanently be associated with your business. They are great marketing tools when used wisely. 
  • Brand Reinforcement – Local customers are the bread and butter of many small businesses, so why not create a monument sign that caters to them. Many signs become part of the community landscape, which is a powerful way to establish yourself as a community mainstay quickly. 
  • Simple Maintenance – One of the major perks of going with this type of sign is that they are generally crafted out of durable materials such as aluminum, foam, wood, brick, or stone and require very little maintenance. If lighting is integrated, it is usually LED, which is highly energy-efficient and inexpensive. 
  • Cost Effectiveness – When you add these variables together, you get a custom sign that will last for years. This makes it a great budget option and a marketing tool you will quickly see a return on. 

If you are ready to explore custom monument signs, contact Quad City Custom Signs to learn more.