Everything You Need to Know About Channel Letter Signs

Carwash Channel Letter Signs in Davenport

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If you’re looking for a highly visible signage option that will bring prominence to your business location, channel letters are the answer. With these illuminated signs, your company name and business location is easily identified by passers-by day or night. Coupled with proper placement, these signs cannot be missed.

If you’re considering choosing these signs, here’s everything you need to know about why they are a must-have marketing tool for your business.

Signage that Stands Out

Letters are individually fabricated and include internal LEDs to illuminate the letters.  Due to the custom fabrication, channel letters offer a customizable approach through varying fonts and colors that allow you to truly reflect your brand in the way that you envisioned.  

Channel Letter Signs Command Attention from a Distance

Depending on what’s permitted for your building or local code, channel letters can be made in sizes that make them easily visible from a distance. At night or other low daylight conditions, channel letters can stand out to ensure your investment is working, even if your day is over.  Customers trying to find you or potential customers that pass by your location while you are closed, identify you location with you business and branding to ensure they don’t forget.     

Completely Custom Channel Letters

Custom channel letters allow you to take your signage to the next level. On top of spelling out your company name, you can include your business logo along with your brand colors and fonts to give you a distinct look. The uniqueness of your sign is what will separate your business from all the rest and create cohesion among your marketing tools for brand consistency.

Professional Channel Letter Signs

Working with a dependable sign-maker will help ensure you receive impressive signage that’s high quality and made to last. A signage partner can also advise on the specific type of mounting option that will best suit your business location for maximum visibility, meet your building and local code requirements. 

For businesses in Davenport, IA, Quad City Custom Signs is your trusted choice. Our team of signage specialists will guide you in making impressive signs for your business that achieve results. Better yet, our complete process manages all phases in bringing your signs to life. From design and creation through to installation and maintenance, we have you covered.

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