How to Make Your Business Shine Using Channel Letter Signage

K9 Resorts Custom Channel Letters in Davenport by Quad City Custom Signs 

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As you travel the streets of Davenport, IA, you likely notice a lot of storefronts with channel letter signs for business. Retail stores, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, and many more types of businesses use channel letter signs to get noticed. They are commonly used as a storefront sign and placed above the main entrance or on the side of a building.

Are you wondering what makes these signs a popular choice? Here’s everything you need to know about choosing channel letters for your business.

Highly Visible Signage for Your Business

A key reason why these signs are eye-catching is their three-dimensional construction. The sides of the letters are typically made of aluminum, while the face is composed of acrylic. The 3D construction stands out from their mounting surface, making them visible from multiple angles. Whether your signs are built to display your company name, logo, or both, you’ll draw more attention to your business.

Illuminated Channel Letters for Maximum Visibility

Another important reason why letter signs are an ideal choice for businesses is because of their illumination. Your brand will make an impact 24-7 with brightly lit signs that command attention. Depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve, you can select back-lit or front-lit signs, each of which offers a distinct yet impactful look.

Durable, Effective Channel Letter Signs for Business

The high-quality materials used to construct letter signs are durable. They’re made to withstand the weather so that your business continues to get exposure for the long term – and in harsh weather conditions. When customers are looking for your business during poor weather or at night, your bright signage will be a welcome sight.

Custom Channel Letters

With custom channel letters, you’ll benefit from personalized signage. They can be customized to align with your company’s branding for a look that directly represents your business. This means using the colors, fonts, and style options that match your brand. There are also some options when it comes to mounting your signs, such as raceway mount and flush mount, depending on what you need.

In Davenport, IA, you can rely on our team at Quad City Custom Signs to guide you with the signage process. We offer complete support from the initial consultation through to installation. You can count on the expertise of our signage professionals to deliver impressive signage that will get your business noticed.

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