The Benefits of Channel Letters for Your Business

Channel Letters

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There are many ways to make a statement for your business with advertising: one of those ways is using big, bold channel letters. They are made from durable materials and illuminated with LEDsthat bring them to life. With Quad City Custom Signs handling your custom channel letters, you can rest assured you will get something unique to your business.

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Advantages of Custom Channel Letters


These signs are made out of heavy-duty materials and are built to last. We shape the frame from rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum sheet metal and paint them any color you want. The face of the sign is made from acrylic (depending on what type of channel letters you want).

Options, Options, Options!

With a  channel letter sign, there are many options. You can use them as a storefront sign, or we can include them in other forms of signage, such as a pylon sign or a monument sign.

There are also 4 different angles from which we can illuminate your sign, each that creates a unique effect, depending onthe desired appearance. There are:

  • Front-lit Channel Letters
  • Reverse-lit (also called halo-lit) Channel Letters
  • Front and Back-lit Channel Letters
  • Open Face Channel Letters

We analyze your business and discuss the best option for you. For example, if you run a high-class restaurant with dim lighting, halo-lit letters are the perfect way to greet your guests because they match the ambiance with their warm, inviting presence.

Visibility Day and Night

The entire purpose of having a sign for your business is you want people to see it. How can people read it if they can not see it?

This is a major problem for many businesses (especially those trying to attract customers after dark), making illuminated channel letters the perfect solution.

Make Your Sign Work for You Day and Night In fall and winter months, darkness sets in earlier in the evening. Channel letters help identify your location to prospective customers whether the sun is up or not.  Also, Illuminated channel letters work for you even when you are not open.  Before and after hours, your channel letter sign communicates to potential customers.

All these benefits and more are yours when you choose to work with signage providers in Davenport, IA, with the knack for coming up with creative custom signage solutions!

Quality Signage You Can’t Ignore!

With powerful dimensional letters, there is no telling how successful your business can be. You can dress up your storefront, lobby, and even the inside of your retail store with high-quality channel letters that are built to last by the name in Davenport you can trust: Quad City Custom signs.

Contact us and book a consultation where we can discuss the details of your project, including the cost of channel letter signs and more.