The Positive Impact of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters

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Channel letters are a proven way to make a bold statement. They are an effective branding tool inside and outside your establishment. It is the 3D dimensional element that catches people’s attention. If you have never seen a channel letter sign, we encourage you to look through our gallery and see what all the fuss is about.

At Quad City Custom Signs, we work with businesses by first educating them on the different options they have for their signage and then helping them create something unique for their business. We love helping businesses in Davenport, IA, because we are business owners ourselves, and together our community can thrive!

Contact us to book a consultation and learn everything you need to know about letter signs for business.

Why Choose Custom Channel Letters?

There are many reasons why business owners love channel letters. Some of the benefits you will enjoy are:

●       Fantastic Visibility

Channel letters come complete with an electrical illumination system that ensures your sign is seen no matter what time of day it is. There are different angles from which you can illuminate your letters, but it all means the same thing: Optimal visibility, day and night.

Having illuminated signage allows your business to be identified after sundown.  It is also important to recognize that your potential customers are close to your location, even if you are not open.  Customizable

We love working with business owners and companies by helping them add a personal touch to their signage. Custom channel letters are a way to add additional creativity and stand out even further. Any time you add a custom touch to your marketing, you build a connection with your audience. Build a strong one that people cannot ignore.

●       Durability

One of the best traits of a channel letter sign is its durability. These signs are built to last and withstand all weather conditions. They are made from heavy-duty materials like aluminum sheet metal and quality acrylic. These are typically illuminated with LEDs for the low maintenance and low power consumption relative to alternatives.

All these benefits and more can be yours when you choose to work with Quad City Custom Signs.

Quad City Custom Signs: Your Dimensional Letter Specialists

If you are a business owner in Davenport, IA, looking for eye-pop signage, give us a call. We discuss everything upfront including how much channel letter signs cost, giving you a wide range of options so you can find something within your budget.

Call us or send us a message to book a consultation today. The channel letter sign that can put your business on the map can be yours; Call us today to get the ball rolling.