The Power of Office Lobby Signs in Branding

Lobby Signs

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Often the first sign a person sees when they enter a business building is the lobby sign. Many corporations use this area to enforce their branding immediately, as they understand first impressions are important. Given there are many types of signs to choose from and countless ways to customize them to align with your branding, the signage design process may seem overwhelming.

With the help of Quad City Custom Signs, the process of choosing your design or the type of sign you want will not be stressful or daunting. We will support you by assessing your business and working with you to create something memorable. With an experienced sign company by your side, you will end up with a beautiful lobby sign.

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How to Make a Fantastic First Impression:

Below you’ll read some tips to consider when choosing a lobby sign for your business:

Big and Bold

In advertising, more times than not, bigger is better. If you have space in your lobby for a big sign, take advantage of it. While we can help you avoid making it too big, it is more important to make sure you don’t make it too small. You can even add a 3D element or LED lighting to enhance its visibility or keep it simple with a clear acrylic or metal plaque.

Digital Lobby Signage

Digital lobby signs are an excellent option if you’re looking for a dynamic sign that can be modified many times; from the images displayed to the message being communicated, you can choose what customers, clients, or employees see on a daily basis. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with people through signage and have them interact with your business. With lobby display signs, incorporate interactive touch screens or elements like QR codes to provide information, directions, or special promotions.

Light It Up

Most times people add lighting to a sign to enhance legibility. This may not be necessary in a brightly lit room, but backlit lobby signs add warmth to the atmosphere. They look elegant and impress people, which is excellent for an office or professional space. You can opt for a backlit logo sign, whether it’s indoor channel letters or a metal or acrylic sign.

Match Colors to the Environment

Color is important to a business’s branding, so why not incorporate it into your entire environment? From the design colors of your lobby signage to the furniture and décor in your reception area, reinforce your branding. It will also create a visually appealing place for clients, customers, and visitors to wait. When one or two colors are used heavily, the association of those colors with your business will begin to form, making people remember your lobby sign and the time they spent at your business.

Quad City Custom Signs: Custom Signage Never Looked Better

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