What Kinds of Channel Letters Are Available to Businesses?

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Custom channel letters are three-dimensional illuminated signs that are commonly used at the storefront. They are known to be incredibly eye-catching and impactful, regardless of the time of day. They are also popular among entrepreneurs because of their many customization options and illumination styles.

Front Lit Channel Letters

These signs are illuminated with LEDs that pass through the hollow interior of each letter. They also come with translucent faces that are tinted to match your brand colors. Business owners who are looking for classic and timeless signage typically opt for this type of channel letter.

Back/Reverse Lit Channel Letter Signs for Business

These signs are sometimes referred to as reverse-lit or halo-lit signs. LEDs are attached to the back portion of the signage so that the light bounces off from the surface to create an impressive and elegant halo effect. We recommend them for cool and hip bars, high-end retail stores, and other establishments that want to exude a refined brand image.

Combination Custom Channel Letters

As the name implies, these visual communication tools combine the best qualities of both front lit and back lit channel letter signs. Because of how attention-grabbing they are, they are effective in piquing the interest of motorists and increasing foot traffic. If you are located in congested areas where there are numerous competitors surrounding you, having these signs are great for giving your establishment a unique edge.

Open-Face Channel Letters in Davenport

These visual communication tools are modern versions of traditional neon signs. Since we use LEDs, these signs tend to last longer and consume less electricity.  Due to the lower voltage required to power LEDs, they typically have less safety concerns when compared to the traditional neon installations.

As the name suggests, these signs don’t have translucent faces, thus exposing the interior LED tubes. They have a unique type of illumination that creates a charming vintage effect. They are perfect for businesses that want to have a one-of-a-kind vibe. They can even be used indoors as branded decor to make the ambiance more interesting.

Where Can You Find the Best Channel Letter Signs for Business in Davenport?

Quad City Custom Signs is one of the best-rated manufacturers of visual communication tools in the area. We provide professional consultation, design, fabrication, and installation solutions. We  strive to ensure that you get the best signs that add value to your company.

Are you interested to learn more about everything channel letters can do for you, and how much channel letter signs cost? Get in touch with us today to get a free quote and to learn more!