Beyond the Entrance: Elevating Spaces with Office Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs

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The way you decorate your office space is a visual reflection of your brand. Depending on what industry you are in, there are many ways you can create an atmosphere that captivates people and piques their interest. When people enter any office space, they should feel comfortable, welcomed, and impressed.

Signage can help you add a ‘wow’ factor to your entranceway or reception area. Lobby signs, in particular, are crucial in setting the right tone for a person’s visit. Given the lobby is often the first space a new customer or visitor interacts with, it is responsible for setting up their visit for success.

In this blog, we will explore the ways to optimize your lobby signage and transform the entrance of your business into a prime marketing and branding space.

Create a Comfortable Reception Area for Clients

The mood you create in your lobby area can help you immensely in calming your clients. For example, backlit lobby signs combined with comfortable furniture and relaxing music can help calm patients in a medical facility. It can also put people in a better state of mind to engage in business deals.

Many business models require clients or customers to wait before being seen; if your business has a lobby that is readily used, create a welcoming environment that matches the professionalism of your business.

Set the Tone for Your Office Staff

Office lobby signs are crucial in setting the tone for both visitors and employees. If you show the members of your staff that you take pride in the appearance of your workspace, starting with the lobby, it leads by example that all workspaces should be neat, visually appealing, and productive.

Lobby signs contribute to a complete signage collection. They are only one of many signs needed to run a functional office space, but they can help get the ball rolling. By envisioning how you want the branding to look in your reception area, thinking of other ways to cohesively incorporate it into your signage throughout the office will be straightforward.

Choosing a Trusted Signage Partner

As first impressions stick, it is important to work with a trustworthy signage partner for your office. At Quad City Custom Signs, we craft lobby signs that make impactful impressions and help your business stand out from competitors.

Book a consultation with one of our experienced signage specialists today and discover the difference high-quality, professionally made signage can have.