The Impact of Custom Channel Letters on Signage

K9 Resorts Custom Channel Letters in Davenport by Quad City Custom Signs 

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No business is complete without a proper signage system. Signs are essential in helping you market your products, identifying yourself to the public, and making impactful impressions. Even if a sign isn’t designed with the specific intent of selling a product, it is a reflection of your business and a powerful marketing tool. To be taken seriously in the business world, all your marketing efforts need to look sharp.

Channel letters can complement any signage collection because they bring a unique three-dimensional element that attracts attention and increases visibility. At Quad City Custom Signs, we have helped many businesses in Davenport, IA, discover the best use for their signs, ensuring they see a return on their investment that brings in new customers.

In this blog, we will delve deeper into channel letters: what they are, how they benefit your business, and where to get them!

Storefront Signs that Shine

One of the most common places for people to use channel letters is on their storefront. Why, you ask?

Channel letters include an illumination system that ensures no matter what time of day it is, your sign is visible to the public. Not only that but there are multiple options for how you can light up your letters—for example, different angles and lighting styles—that can contribute to matching the overall look to your brand.

For example, business channel letters installed outside of an office space with reverse lighting will create a halo effect. Most people find this effect to be warm and inviting, which helps make a great first impression.

Signs do more than inform the public about your business and products; they entice people to enter your business and create an atmosphere that improves the overall customer experience.

Customize Your Signage

Whether you want to use channel letters as a storefront sign or for interior signage, a goal should be to add a customized touch by aligning the design with your branding.

Custom channel letters that are shaped in a unique way or have your logo creatively incorporated help people build brand recognition with your company. You can also choose different materials and sizing, depending on what your goals are. For example, if you’re aim is to elevate the visual appeal through signage, consider adding channel letters to other signage, such as monument signs or pylon signs; this uncommon form of signage is guaranteed to capture attention and make an impression.

There are also a variety of mounting options, which allow you to personalize your installation location to offer the desired effect. Choosing a custom mounting method—whether it is a raceway, wireway, or flush mounting—gives your letters a more personalized touch.

To learn more about the customization options or mounting techniques that are available for your desired project, or to answer any other questions about channel letters, speak with a member of our team today.

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