How to Make Window Graphics That Will Attract More Business

Window Graphics

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Business owners love window graphics because they are easy to install and remove, budget-friendly, and perfect for seasonal sales and event promotion. However, not all commercial window graphics are made equal; if you are looking for unique marketing materials, you need to work with a company that understands how to use signage to make your business stand out.

At Quad City Custom Signs, we pride ourselves on our ability to improve a business’s marketing strategy through signage. Through years of experience and expertise, we understand what marketing tools complement specific industries.

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Window Graphics: What Works?

No matter what type of business you operate, you need to customize your signage according to your audience. Window graphics are most often used in storefront windows to highlight sales and products, which means they should cater to your target audience’s needs. Working with vinyl graphics gives you unlimited options because they have a high degree of customization, from the color to the shape.

If you are looking for sure-fire ways to attract attention with your window graphics, we are happy to help with the following ideas:

Choose a Bold Design

Think of how bright colors and unique shapes will impact your signage. We recommend using branded colors and designs to reinforce your branding. You can even use clear window graphics to make it look like the glass has been printed on.

Make Easy-to-Read Messages

People are not going to stop and read a complex, lengthy message. They are constantly bombarded with advertising messages, so make sure yours is quick and concise. The faster they can read and understand, the more likely they will remember and be intrigued.

Simple is Great

It’s true: the simpler your design and message, the more people will understand it. Comprehension is so important for marketing, so make sure not to confuse your audience.

Can I be Unique?

Of course you can! While being unique may seem difficult, each business brings something unique to the marketplace, which is what your signage should focus on. Whether it’s a new product or service, or your branding, your signage should highlight it in a way that appeals to your target audience.

Every business is different and needs a customized plan that caters to its unique challenges, goals, and needs. To create the best design for your commercial window signs and graphics, we need to know the audience you are targeting. For example, pixel art will appeal to gamers if you run a video game shop, whereas fitness studios benefit from vibrant energetic designs.

Unique designs and thought-provoking messages work, as long as they align with your brand. A non-profit organization could use a message that asks people to look within themselves to help them connect with those they are trying to help.

Office Graphics

Office graphics are an excellent way to spruce up a workplace, but they have to be used intentionally, so as not to create an over-the-top atmosphere. However, a simple way of accomplishing this balance is to think of the atmosphere you want to foster and create business window graphics that represent it.

For example, if your business is extremely professional, consider designing motivational quotes or product advertisements that are simple and clean. However, if you are trying to foster a creative, artistic environment in your office, we suggest using lots of color and space.

As with any business, your office window graphics need to appeal to your audience to get the desired results.

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