Signage Project Considerations and Expectations

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If you are looking to invest in signage, we want to prepare you for what you can expect. For example, planning exterior signage is much different from interior signage because you have to take into consideration the size of the sign allowed by your local bylaws, as well as the permits necessary. Regardless of what your sign project entails, Quad City Custom Signs is here to support you.

We have successfully installed signage in many different businesses across all industries. From helping small businesses to designing signage campaigns for big companies that want to enforce corporate branding across multiple locations, we have done it all. In this blog, we will outline different considerations to keep in mind if you’re ready to kickstart a new signage project.

Considerations for Interior Signs

The first stage of your signage journey is coming up with a design. If your goal is to attract more customers and advertise your products, including your branding within the design is essential. Signage and branding go hand-in-hand in creating awareness for your business, which is why neglecting your branding in your design may prevent you from taking full advantage of your investment.

Other design considerations for interior signs include:

  • Choosing materials that align with your business aesthetic and needs
  • The type of design that best suits your business, industry, and surrounding areas
  • Where to install your sign to ensure it has the right impact
  • Can you install your sign in compliance with your building safety code?

For assistance with any of the above considerations for signage design, consult with a professional signage company to see if your project can be executed in accordance with your interior signage standards. Each business has varying standards, which is why we discussed them during our first consultation with you. We have successfully installed signage all across Davenport, IA, and are well-versed on what you can and cannot do with your signage.

Planning interior signage can be stressful, but with these tips, you can devise a plan that works for you.

Comprehensive Exterior Signage Considerations

If you require exterior signage, an element that must be considered is the legal limitations that may be in place. Local bylaws and permit requirements play a role in determining the realism and feasibility of your desired signs. Moreover, you may also need your landlord’s approval if you are renting your business space.

Other considerations to think about include:

  • What location will allow your sign to properly serve its purpose
  • Where electrical routing connections will occur for illuminated signage
  • How corporate branding can be included to positively reflect your company’s vision
  • How to maintain visual harmony with non-signage elements, such as its surroundings
  • The installation process and the mounting structures involved

If you choose a sign with an illuminated lighting system—which we recommend if you’re looking to optimize your business’s visibility—you will also need to consider exterior sign maintenance. If the lighting dims or goes out on your signage, it will reflect poorly on your business’s standards of quality. By aligning with a full-service signage company, you have access to experienced electricians and maintenance experts, who can have your sign working again at a moment’s notice

As with indoor signage, it is of utmost importance to incorporate your brand identity into your outdoor signs. This helps people know who the sign is representing quickly and memorably.

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