The Comprehensive Guide to ADA Signs

Custom ADA Bathroom Signs in Davenport, IA

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Running a business can be a big challenge, especially when there are so many details that have to be taken care of. One of which is outfitting your business with ADA-compliant signage. These signs are required by law to be installed at various points of every public space and business environment. ADA-compliance ensures that all businesses are welcoming and inclusive spaces for anyone, regardless of their abilities. That makes this type of signage an integral part to making your business an accessible space. 

At Quad City Custom Signs, we work closely with businesses in Davenport, IA, to ensure that their businesses are ADA-compliant. Our team prides itself on contributing to the creation of safe and welcoming environments. In this blog, we will outline what ADA signs are, how they contribute positively to businesses, and how to know if your signage follows the right design guidelines.

What Are ADA Signs?

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. In simplest terms, ADA signs are signs that are designed with universal guidelines that accommodate the needs of people with disabilities; they ensure that individuals with visual, cognitive, and/or physical impairments are able to navigate and engage with a space effortlessly.

What Are the Requirements?

To ensure these signs are designed in accordance with ADA-compliance, there are strict requirements that ADA signage must include, such as:

  • A color contrast between the tactical characters and the background of your signs
  • A non-glare finish
  • A minimum mounting height of 48 inches
  • Mounting location on the latch side of doorways
  • Braille text underneath any text
  • Text to use a sans-serif font
  • Universal pictograms

Given the critical nature of these specifications, working with a signage partner who is well-versed in crafting ADA-compliant signage is essential. At Quad City Custom Signs, we offer specialized sign design for ADA signs, which is how we have been able to set so many businesses up with safe, accessible environments. Our number one priority is to make your signage compliant with the law and reflect positively on your business.

A Pathway to Safety

A wayfinding system is crucial in any establishment to guide visitors, customers, or employees to their desired destination. However, not all wayfinding signage is accessible to all. ADA signs create a clear pathway for those unfamiliar with your facility who may also have specific impairments. Instead of requiring someone to ask for assistance or create a confusing, frustrating experience within your business, ensure that your workspace sets them up for success.

Customize Your Signage to Enforce Your Branding

Custom ADA signs can incorporate elements of your branding to aid in creating a cohesive business signage collection. We can work with a specific color scheme or even incorporate your logo into the design of your custom ADA-compliant signage. There is room for customization within the standard requirements of ADA signs, which allows businesses to add their own personalized touch.

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